No Pipelines

Tanker Free BC was founded in response to one of the biggest pipeline companies in the world, Houston based Kinder Morgan, wanting to use the west coast of Canada for its tar sands oil shipping port. They are trying to frame their new Trans Mountain pipeline as the better alternative to the Enbridge Northern Gateway […]

Climate Solutions

What do we need to do to reduce our dependence on tar sands oil at home? How do we locally play a role in reduced fossil fuel dependence worldwide? Can we ever get past the idea of jobs vs. the environment?   Saying “No” to project proposals that take us in the wrong direction is […]

Goodbye Harper

It’s time to say goodbye to Prime Minster Stephen Harper. No doubt Harper is bad for Canada and for our democracy (how many scandals would you like me to list here?) but the even scarier thing is his role in undermining international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is the issue that will […]