Beyond Fossil Fuels

Saying “No” to project proposals that take us in the wrong direction is important of course but when you are going the wrong way you don’t just have to slow down, you need to turn around and go another direction. Going beyond fossil fuels means saying “yes” alternative projects that lead us in a new […]

No Pipelines

Tanker Free BC was founded in response to one of the biggest pipeline companies in the world, Houston based Kinder Morgan, wanting to use the west coast of Canada for its tar sands oil shipping port. They are trying to frame their new Trans Mountain pipeline as the better alternative to the Enbridge Northern Gateway […]

Fight Climate Change

Its 2016, sunny days in Canada. We have moved beyond the divisive and combative era of the Harper government and we now have a government that purports to care about climate change. Our Minister of the Environment is now called the Minister of Climate and Environment. Our government played an active and positive role at […]