Beyond Fossil Fuels

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Saying “No” to project proposals that take us in the wrong direction is important of course but when you are going the wrong way you don’t just have to slow down, you need to turn around and go another direction.


Going beyond fossil fuels means saying “yes” alternative projects that lead us in a new direction.

We are launching a Beyond Fossil Fuels (BFF) campaign; it’s the perfect name because we want to be Best Friends Forever with the planet. This year we will focus on transportation projects in the Vancouver area.


We will continue campaigning along the proposed pipeline route discussing alternatives for job creation and for the climate such as interurban rail and good renewable energy projects. Our goal is for climate change to be taken into consideration in a energy, transportation and regional planning decisions.

For example:

We will support community owned solar energy installations along the pipeline route in partnership with local First Nations.

We will campaign for better public transit and smart urban planning as a path reduce the need for oil infrastructure.

We will also be working to support the renewal of interurban rail to the Fraser Valley. The Rail for the Valley campaign was voted the Best Climate Action Campaign by the Tyee readers poll and for good reason: it has big implications for the future of our region in terms of reduced fossil fuel dependence as well as air quality, food security and the livability of the region in the years ahead.


If you would like a detailed picture of the current state of alternative energy and improved energy policy in Canada check out Tracking the Energy Revolution by our campaign allies at Clean Energy Canada.


And for more on the specific green jobs opportunities in BC that consider questions of social justice check out the Climate Justice Project from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Our Executive Director Ben West has been proud to work closely with the coalition of labour leaders, academics and environmentalists that have shaped this important project.


Please help support this vitally important new campaign by donating or volunteering. Thank you.