Fight Climate Change

Justin TrudeauIts 2016, sunny days in Canada. We have moved beyond the divisive and combative era of the Harper government and we now have a government that purports to care about climate change. Our Minister of the Environment is now called the Minister of Climate and Environment. Our government played an active and positive role at the UN climate negotiations in Paris which resulted in a Accord signed by 198 nations. This is a night and day difference from where we were only a year ago when Canada was again named the Fossil of The Year for obstructing real action on climate change at the international level.

Unfortunately climate change is like pregnancy, there is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant and there is no such thing as doing a little bit about climate change. We are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Canada seems poised to be part of the solution yet there is still much to be done to make sure Canada continues to move in the right direction.

One of the major hurdles is the need for change within our National Energy Board which continues to operate under the new rules and guidelines set in place by the Harper Government. These rules preclude the NEB from even considering the issue of climate change in their deliberation, let alone the myriad of other issues that have been raised regarding what has been called a “fraudulent process” by a former energy executive. What could be more important in terms of Canada’s role in addressing climate change than how we make decision about our energy projects. This is not only relevant to our own energy consumption but also our role on the world stage. We are sitting on one of the biggest oil reserves left on planet earth and that tar sands oil is much more energy intensive than conventional fossil fuels. We will campaign this year for the National Energy Board to become the National Climate and Energy Board. To add your name to our petition sign here.

There are many other issue we must consider as well such as the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies, support for renewable energy projects and smart land use and transportation planning. We need to be on a path that ends our dependence on fossil fuels by 2050 at the latest. That means moving beyond fossil fuels effective immediately. For more on our Beyond Fossil Fuels campaign click here.