Transit Referendum – Vote “Yes, and…” Pledge

By Ben

I pledge to work towards better public transit during and after the transit referendum.Capture

I pledge to vote ‘Yes’, and…

  • Work on democratizing Translink
  • Work on ensuring meaningful consultation and community oversight on new Translink projects
  • Work on shifting to the carbon tax and progressive taxation for transit funding

I am voting ‘Yes’ because adequate funding for our transit system is long overdue, and low income residents are most directly impacted.

I am voting ‘Yes’ because I want to create thousands of good local green jobs.

I am voting ‘Yes’ because I think we should do our part to address climate change and tackle the biggest source of pollution in our region: transportation.

Voting ‘No’ gets us nowhere, voting ‘Yes’ is a start.

Transit Referendum Pledge to Vote "Yes, and..."

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